• Employment matter regarding claims of age discrimination.

  • Sexual harassment by male supervisor against male employee.

  • Racial discrimination involving Japanese employer and Korean employee.

  • Sexual harassment by male supervisor against female employee.

  • Wage and hour claims by bank employees.

  • Failure to accommodate bank teller with severe anxiety.

  • FEHA discrimination, race and retaliation.

  • Racial discrimination, African-American disqualified from taking promotional exam because employer had preference for Hispanic employees.

  • Breach of employment agreement by school principal’s contract with government.

  • Wrongful termination and discrimination action against church, applicability of religious association and ministerial exemptions.

  • Harassment for sexual orientation and anxiety disability.

  • Gender discrimination action by not having bathroom facilities for female worker in the field.

  • Age discrimination, failure of employer to allow weekly medical treatments.

  • Employee seeks reimbursement for criminal defense costs under Corporations Code §317(d).

Case Summaries

Hon. Howard L. Halm

Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Court (Ret.)

Mediator  •  Arbitrator  •  Referee